We’re available at Shop Coiffure!

Big announcement! We are now distributed at Shopcoiffure! 😍

It’s a great achievement that we want to celebrate with you today: we are now available at Shop Coiffure.

Shop Coiffure, what is it?

Shop Coiffure has been a renowned partner for over 20 years. On the website, as well as in its 50 shops across France, you’ll find all the essential equipment you need to set up your own hairdressing salon, or use professional products at home: scissors, colouring, shampoo, clippers, hairdryers, curling and straightening irons…

Noireônaturel at Shop Coiffure

And among the more than 6,000 products available online and in shops, alongside the major hairdressing brands, you’ll now find Noireônaturel!

Our iconic products (gelée divine, synergie d’huile, hair bb cream, voile lacté, masque, première mousse, crème de shampoo) are now available.

To celebrate this launch, Shop Coiffure is offering an exceptional deal: the perfect curls routine with First Mousse, Divine Gel and Mask for just €49 instead of €63.40.

You can take advantage of it from now until 30 April 2024 on their website! If you’re taking advantage, share your unboxing with us!

For our part, we’re delighted to be featured on Shop Coiffure, in recognition of our expertise in wavy, curly and frizzy hair. Long live natural hair and long live organic, respectful products!

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