5 protective hairstyles for children in summer

Ça y est, l’été est là et nos petits bouts ont bien envie de s’amuser et de profiter du soleil et de l’extérieur ! Mais parfois, leur jolie chevelure peut s’avérer embêtante… On adore leurs bouclettes et leur masse capillaire ! Mais avec cette chaleur, cela peut les gêner pour jouer et être à l’aise. Sans compter le temps à passer pour laver tout ça ! Pas de souci, nous vous proposons 5 coiffures faciles à réaliser pour vos enfants aux cheveux très bouclés, frisés ou crépus.

Summer’s here and our little ones want to have fun and enjoy the sun and the outdoors! But sometimes their pretty hair can get in the way… We love their curls and their hair mass! But in this heat, it can make it hard for them to play and feel comfortable. Not to mention the time it takes to wash it all! 

Don’t worry, we’ve got 5 easy hairstyles for children with curly, frizzy or frizzy hair.

1. The vanilles

Vanilles are a great hairstyle to achieve! Simpler than braids, they’re also quicker to do. You need to take two strands of hair and roll them separately, in the same direction, then wrap them around each other. The result is very pretty and elegant, on both short and long hair. You can make several variations, sticking them to the skull for example, or not. Here we love this vanilla and quilt combo! Pretty and practical.

2. African braids

African braids are always a good idea! Even if they take a long time to do, they’re elegant and very practical, especially for summer! Once again, you can be inventive to create original hairstyles, and even add beads at the end (children usually love this).

3. The elastic + loose hair combo

If you don’t want to tie up all your hair, here’s an effective compromise: little pigtails tied together with elastics to keep the face clear, while keeping the volume of the hair behind! This hairstyle also has the advantage of being quicker and easier to achieve, which can be practical for young children.

4. Pigtails + braids

A lovely combo here too! If your little one doesn’t yet have the patience to have her whole head braided, you can create a pretty hairstyle on the front of her head to clear her face, and tie the rest in pigtails! Perfect for making her feel comfortable and free, but with style!

5. Elastic bands

Here’s a quick, simple and effective hairstyle! Once again, it’s an easy, practical hairstyle that’s ideal for young children. In just a few minutes, you can easily create lots of little pigtails with colourful elastic bands. It’s the perfect way to create a look that’s practical for your child, and joyful with the colours they love!

Cleaning tip: to avoid shampooing, use the co-wash / no poo technique. You can also use our shampoo cream!

And there you have it, five ideas for protective hairstyles for your children! Of course, you can adapt them for any age group, even for yourself, and for girls as well as boys. With these hairstyles, children will feel more comfortable enjoying the outdoors.

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