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How to survive winter? Our favourite hair and body products

Winter puts our skin and hair to the test! How can you pamper them? We tell you all about it.

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Well, there are still a few weeks of winter left before we finally welcome spring. And in February, it’s often cold, very cold. But the problem with this bitter cold is that it has a considerable impact on the health of your skin and hair.

So how do you look after them in the middle of winter? How do you counter the cold and its drying effects? Here are our favourite hair and body products to help you survive winter with style.

Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner :

Winter can make textured hair more prone to dryness. Our iconic Première Mousse shampoo, certified organic and made in France, gently cleanses without drying out your scalp. Enriched with Indian powders, it promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss, itching and dandruff.

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You can complement it with our detangler, which can be used as a co-wash, no poo or as a detangling treatment with the shampoo cream. With its Aloe Vera and glycerine content, it rehydrates the hair and nourishes it with Mango butter and Mongogo and Sesame vegetable oils.

An ideal combo for soft, supple, well-moisturized hair, even in cold weather.

Repairing Hair Mask :

It’s important to repair, nourish and soften your winter-damaged hair. That’s why we’ve designed the 3-in-1 leave-in conditioner, styling butter and hair mask. Its rare plant oils and trio of natural plant butters (organic cocoa, organic shea and mango) give it a creamy texture that deeply cares for the hair fibre.

Formulated with care and quality, this intensive mask revitalises and repairs deep down, leaving your hair strong, shiny and resistant to winter dryness.

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Nourishing Oil :

Winter can be merciless on the skin, leaving it feeling tight and dry. Our nourishing oil is the ideal product for restoring your skin’s suppleness. Enriched with organic plant oils and the gentle scent of ylang-ylang, it penetrates deeply to moisturise, nourish and leave your skin soft and satin-smooth, even in freezing weather.

Don’t forget Papouille oil, ideal for dry skin to bring out its radiance. It is also anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant.

Fetia’s little tip: you can even use the synergy of oils to remove your make-up! Amazing!

As well as being used for the skin, our oil synergy can also be applied to the hair! It protects, regenerates and detoxifies your hair while stimulating growth with the action of organic plant oils (castor, avocado, jojoba, olive). You can use it as a daily treatment with a few drops on the lengths, or take an oil bath for deeper nourishment, ideal in winter.

Intensive nourishing cream for body and hair :

To survive the cold of winter, we’ve designed our limited edition Douceur Coco whipped cream. This cocooning, nourishing multi-purpose treatment for dry skin, for adults and children alike, is designed by our artisan soap-maker in Lyon.

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It’s ideal for dry areas (elbows, feet, hands) but also for hair, you can use it as a mask (before or after shampooing). You can use it as a styling butter for your protective hairstyles and to seal in moisture, and even for your face! It’s suitable for the whole family, including pregnant and breast-feeding women, as it contains no fragrance or essential oils.

Natural Styling Gel :

For styles that stand up to winter weather, our divine gel offers lightweight hold while preserving your hair’s flexibility. Made from organic ingredients, this gel keeps your curls in place while preserving their natural look and avoiding the cardboard effect. Its active ingredients (castor oil, ylang-ylang, gum acacia from Senegal) make it an ally in protecting and enhancing your hair all day long. Apply divine gelée without rinsing when styling, or after your shampoo as a leave-in conditioner.

At Noireônaturel, we’re determined to help you shine even during the coldest months of the year. By incorporating our darling products into your hair and body care routine, you can face winter with confidence, knowing that your textured hair and skin are being pampered in a natural and caring way.

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