Cowash: winter’s ally for textured hair

Washing your hair with conditioner? What? Yes, it's possible, it's called no poo and you may have every reason to fall for it.

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Cowash is a contraction of « conditioner washing« . In practical terms, it means washing your hair with conditioner. This technique is also sometimes referred to as « no poo » (no shampoo). But why do it? What’s the point of not using shampoo?

Where does cowash come from?

The cowash, or no poo, technique involves washing the hair with conditioner only.

The term cowash was coined by hairdresser Lorraine Massey. After moving to Hong Kong, this British hairdresser realised that her curly hair was not coping well with the humidity there. One of her friends suggested that she only wash her hair with conditioner, and it worked.

This technique can be used all the time, but also occasionally, especially in winter.

How do you co-wash?

Step one: goodbye shampoo

No need for shampoo! You can store it in a cupboard until you’re ready to use it again. Make sure you stop using shampoos containing sulphates: their « detergent » action dries out the hair.

Step two: on with the conditioner

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Choose a conditioner adapted to your hair’s needs. At Noireônaturel, we’ve created the crème de shampoo, a real co-wash specially designed for this purpose. It gently cleanses, softens and defines your curls, moisturises, nourishes and detangles.

Please note: for children, pregnant and breast-feeding women, you can opt for Frizouilles et compagnie!

Third step: detangling care

Your conditioner may already have a detangling action. But for added convenience, you can also use a dedicated product. Our Voile lacté, for example, is a leave-in detangling and day-care product that takes care of your hair naturally.

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Step four: space out your shampoos

Our shampoo cream is very gentle: it doesn’t irritate your scalp, so you can space out your shampoos and keep your scalp healthy.

The advantages and disadvantages of cowash

For some people, it’s difficult to switch to cowash. It can be disorientating to have no foaming effect during cleansing, or even the crunchiness of clean hair.

But cowash remains a highly effective technique for preserving the integrity of the hair fibre. It can help your hair tangle less and limit frizz.

We love it for a whole host of situations: when you’re a regular sports fan but don’t want to wash your hair every time, when you want a beautiful result in a short space of time, when your scalp tends to sweat a lot, when you have coloured or grey hair…

The best thing to do is to try it out to see if it’s right for you… There’s no need to commit to a lifetime of no poo: you can alternate with periods of regular shampooing.

In short, co-washing is an excellent way to protect your scalp, especially in winter. Whether you choose to go no poo for a few days, weeks, months… or your whole life, it’s another way to look after your naturally textured hair!

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