Good resolutions for 2024… for yourself

Oh dear, good resolutions... We love them, we hate them... What if we took the time to refocus on what really matters?

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We hadn’t taken the time to tell you yet, so… happy new year 2024!

The new year is well underway. You may have been looking forward to it, eager to close the chapter on 2023, or perhaps with a little fear and apprehension.

A new year is a blank page to write, and that can sometimes cause a lot of anxiety and fear.

So why don’t we talk about good resolutions?

Team good resolutions… or not?

Every New Year it’s the same thing: the New Year’s resolutions team is out to write down everything they want to do for the New Year.

The most common ones are to start exercising, to lose weight, to take on a new business or personal challenge

While these resolutions can be a motivating factor for some people, pushing them to excel, they can also be a source of pressure and guilt for others.

Refocusing on what’s essential

If good resolutions sometimes seem futile and guilt-inducing, it’s perhaps because they don’t focus enough on in-depth changes, but rather on the superficial.

At Noireônaturel, we believe that New Year’s resolutions should focus on what really matters: yourself.

Taking care of your body, your hair, your skin, your mental health, your loved ones, your family… What if that was the most important thing?

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Thinking long-term

The truth is, we encourage you to think about your resolutions over the whole year, and concentrate on what’s really important.
Of course you’re entitled to set yourself sporting challenges, for example, but you have to think about them over the long term if you want to stick to them.

For example, instead of spending your whole first week of January at the gym (knowing full well that you’ll never be able to keep up that pace), put 2 sessions a week in your diary to get into the habit of making sport part of your daily routine.

The same goes for a balanced diet (which is often included in resolutions): there’s no need to cut out everything and stop eating anything you enjoy. Instead, think about how you can eat more healthily while continuing to eat what you like.

It’s all about balance after all!

Pour 2024, je souhaite…

Instead of ‘resolutions’, which can sometimes seem a little stressful, we can also choose to set ourselves long-term goals to be achieved over the next twelve months, or simply write down our wishes and dreams for the coming year.
It’s another way of looking forward to the New Year, not under pressure, but with the joy of making the most of what the year has in store for us!

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Whatever your relationship with resolutions, dreams and the New Year, we wish you a wonderful 2024 that will allow you to take care of yourself and, above all, to be happy!

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