Gift ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day is just around the corner! On 16 June 2024, you can spoil your dads.

Father’s Day is just around the corner! On 16 June 2024, you can spoil your dads.

We’ve already given you a few ideas for Mother’s Day, so don’t get jealous! Here are a few similar suggestions to please the dads in your life.

Small gifts for lots of love 

As for mums, here are a few simple and effective gift ideas: sure values and usefulness.

  • an item of clothing: at Noireônaturel, we’re all about eco-responsible values. We’re all for useful gifts! To please your dad, think of things he needs. A new T-shirt perhaps? Some funny socks? A pair of sports shorts? If possible, choose second-hand or ethically-made clothes.
  • Beauty products: yes, dads need to look after themselves too! Likewise, there’s no point in giving him products that he won’t use or that he already has. Find out about his needs, his favourite products if he has any… And if not, now’s the time to suggest new ways of taking care of him!

A gift in action

Dads often like to be active. To please them, you could perhaps opt for activities they can do together.

  • An outing: plan an outing together. Picnic, cinema, restaurant… it’s always fun!
  • a show: why not take them to see a comedian? Or a concert by their favourite artist? What’s more, you can plan to come with them… Bingo, a gift for you too!

A useful gift: hair products

If your dad has wavy, curly, frizzy or frizzy hair, we’ve got some ideas for you! This could be the time to treat him to some of his favourite products, or introduce him to some new treatments. At Noireônaturel, we have several options for you:

  • for the skin: to look after his skin, think of our solid soaps and scrubs. Our soaps are cold-saponified and handmade in France by a passionate craftsman.
  • a classic for hair: our Première Mousse, the ideal shampoo for textured hair. A must-have! 
  • our two new products: this is the perfect opportunity to introduce him to our Gelée Divine and our Voile Lacté to pamper his curls.
  • our complete set: if you really want to spoil him, you can give him our superb set specially designed for Father’s Day. It contains all the essentials he needs to look after his hair with a complete routine: first mousse, cream shampoo, hair bb cream, nourishing mask, oil synergy, divine jelly and milky veil, etc.
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In short, we hope these little suggestions will help you make your choice for Father’s Day… And for other occasions too! Don’t hesitate to add ideas in the comments. And best of all: Happy Father’s Day to all dads!

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