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Inclusivity Is A Challenge.

Inclusivity is a challenge, and this subject particularly matters to us.
trois personnes se tiennent au soleil : un homme maghrébin, une femme rousse, une femme métisse

Copyright photographie : Kelly His pour Noireônaturel

At Noireônaturel, inclusivity is at the heart of our values.

Because it all started with a lack of inclusivity: that of black people and frizzy hair in the beauty and hair care industry.

We were stigmatised for too long and could not find organic and natural skincare products adapted to our hair.

Our DNA : black beauty

The DNA of Noireônaturel is black beauty. A beauty that has been hidden, mocked, ridiculed and discrimined for so long. A beauty that it was high time to highlight and celebrate.

When the brand was created in 2009, its aim was to give Sapotilla and Ebony women the keys to natural black beauty, by going back to their roots, accepting themselves and reclaiming their rituals. Beauty advice for black and mixed-race women in search of natural beauty, a beauty and ecology blog, and a boutique offering a selection of natural, top-of-the-range cosmetics.

Copyright photographie : Kelly His pour Noireônaturel

Products for everyone

Today, our expertise in frizzy hair has enabled us to develop products suitable for all hair types that are not straight, often referred to as ‘textured‘: frizzy, curly, wavy, etc.

Today, the faces of our brand are no longer just black women, but black, mixed-race, North African and white women, men and children.

Copyright photographie : Kelly His pour Noireônaturel

Our Pride

It’s important to us to represent and promote all types of beauty that can use our products, with a particular focus on black and frizzy beauty, which has been invisible for too long.

Because we’re really proud that a brand with black DNA, for frizzy hair, has now been able to apply its expertise to all types of textured hair.

Copyright photographie : Kelly His pour Noireônaturel

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