We've never done Black Friday before... But we've changed our minds, and we'll tell you why.
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Noireônaturel has always refused to do Black Friday to combat over-consumption and the ecological nonsense of this date.

But this year, we’ve decided otherwise.

And why? We’ll tell you all about it.

1. What is Black Friday?

Black Friday has become a worldwide tradition, marking the start of the end-of-year shopping season. This day of discounts encourages consumers to take advantage of exceptional offers. But these discounts conceal serious consequences for the environment.

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Overproduction and overconsumption:

Black Friday encourages massive overproduction of consumer goods. Companies produce excessive quantities of products to meet increased demand, often using non-renewable natural resources. This over-consumption contributes to the depletion of resources and the generation of unnecessary waste.

Electronic waste:

Electronic products are among the most sought-after items during Black Friday. However, the speed with which consumers seek out the latest gadgets leads to a rapid replacement cycle, and therefore an increase in electronic waste containing components that are potentially harmful to the environment.

Excessive packaging:

Black Friday promotions are often accompanied by excessive packaging. Individual parcels are packed in oversized cartons filled with plastic and polystyrene. This excessive packaging contributes to plastic pollution and environmental degradation.

Transport and CO2 emissions:

Online shopping, which is increasingly popular during Black Friday, leads to a significant increase in the transport of goods. International freight, express delivery and frequent returns generate considerable carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, contributing to climate change.

Pressure on natural resources:

The mass production of goods during Black Friday puts enormous pressure on natural resources. The extraction of raw materials, the consumption of water and the use of energy to manufacture these products all contribute to the depletion of ecosystems and the loss of biodiversity.

2. We’ve never done Black Friday:

Our position at Noireônaturel has always been the same since our creation: we do not participate in Black Friday.

Why not? Our prices are fair all year round, and we don’t want to take part in this moment of intense over-consumption, given our values.

As you know from our products, environmental and ethical values are at the heart of our approach. Our products carry the most stringent certifications, and our entire approach revolves around respect for our bodies and the environment.

3. This year, Noireônaturel is doing Black Friday:

But this year, we’ve changed our minds.

Rest assured, our values have not changed. But there are a number of reasons why we’ve decided to offer you our products at special prices.

The economic climate over the last few months has been very difficult for everyone, and we want to enable you to continue taking care of your hair despite the rise in prices.

Copyright photographie : Kelly His

What’s more, many of our products have short use-by dates and we certainly don’t want to waste them. We’d rather sell them off to let you enjoy them than withdraw them from sale!

Please note: any remaining products will not be thrown away, but donated to charities.

As you know, our commitment to ecology and sensible, ethical consumption has guided us every day since the creation of Noireônaturel.

In fact, it’s to avoid waste and combat over-consumption that we’ve always shied away from Black Friday.

Noireônaturel is an ecological and ethical brand, certified according to the most demanding labels, and that will never change.

But today we also want to apply an anti-waste and solidarity logic that is totally in line with our responsible values, and we’ve chosen this date to do it.

So we’re offering you discounts of up to 70% off our website until Sunday evening!

Take advantage of this opportunity to consume intelligently and in line with your needs.

We tell you more about our commitment right here

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