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Textured hair: low-cost Christmas gift ideas

Need help finding low-cost gift ideas for your curly hair? Just click here!

Copyright photographie : Ekaterina Bolovtsova

Christmas is just around the corner and we’d love to be able to treat all the people we love… But sometimes budgets can be a bit tight, especially after a long year that hasn’t always been easy. At Noireônaturel, we want everyone to be able to look after themselves as well as the planet, and at all prices!

Here are our budget gift ideas.

1. Budget of €10 or less

For a lovely little gift filled with lots of love, you can opt for :

2. Budget of €10 to €20

Copyright photographie : Kelly His

There are so many things you can give for under £20! Here are a few ideas to please:

3. Budget de 20 à 30€

For less than €30, you can opt for :

And for those with bigger budgets, check out this article on responsible gift ideas for wavy, curly, frizzy and frizzy hair!

Christmas is a time full of love and good times with family and loved ones. It doesn’t matter how much you can afford to spend on a gift: what counts most is the intention to give and please!

Merry Christmas ô Natural!

More tips for a responsible Christmas right here.

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