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The 7 golden rules for the care and styling of frizzy or curly hair.

A little reminder shot!

The only solution to stop the natural dryness of our hair, and promote its growth, is to avoid subjecting it to a battery of chemical and mechanical aggressions, have a healthy diet, hydrate it from within by taking capsules of borage and evening primrose oil daily and regularly provide moisturizing masks.

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Never style or untangle dry hair, the only thing you will get is broken hair and a beautiful, indomitable tuft!
Frizzy or curly hair should be styled on damp or wet hair. For daily care, you can comb your hair with your fingers or a pimple brush after moisturizing your scalp and ends. There is no point in wanting to straighten your hair at any price and especially not dry, imagine pulling yourself on a spring with all your strength… Well, it’s the same with our hair!
Moisturize your hair every day or every two to three days depending on its nature. Moisturize it with a spray
in which you have made a water-based mixture, a vegetable oil of the monoi or jojoba type, and an EO of your choice or you can use the Hair Oil Synergy.
Use the POO No. method to wash them! Use a sulfate-free shampoo such as Natural Black Shampoo Cream.
Don’t wash your hair too often! No more than once a week and depending on the hair, it can be spaced more apart. A dry hair does not need to be washed as often as a greasy or Caucasian hair. In addition, the more frizzy your hair is, the less quickly it gets dirty. This is due to its elliptical shape, dirt is more difficult to catch. And don’t forget, the more foamy a shampoo, the more aggressive it is. Use a silicone-free shampoo.
For weekly care, untangle your hair after washing and after applying your hair mask with a wide-tooth comb or with a pin brush for short hair. It is necessary to disentangle them wick by wick during the weekly care but certainly not every day, it attacks him and goes against his nature….
Massage your scalp. Feel free to massage your scalp to irrigate your roots. Careful massage does not mean rubbing the scalp. Your fingers should not slip but stay where you have positioned them.
Brush them at bedtime to prevent them from getting too tangled at night and to make it easier to put them in place in the morning with your fingers. You can also make small cabbages or large braids, you will avoid them to get tangled, and you will get a nice effect!!!!
To sleep and when you wake up. Avoid cotton pillow heads. Indeed, cotton tends to absorb moisture and could make your hair drier. To a lesser extent, avoid synthetics or wools, which tend to make the scalp sweat and make the hair electric. Ideally, you should sleep on silk pillow heads. You can also simply sleep with a silk scarf around your head. It’s more economical. You can also sleep by making very relaxed mats.

The rules of hygiene of life and food hygiene are also important if we want to have healthy and full of life hair, this is all the more true since naturally dry frizzy or curly hair is particularly vulnerable when it does not « live » in the climatic conditions « originally » expected.

Make sure to drink 1 to 1.5 litres of water, herbal tea or fresh fruit juice per day.
Prefer fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic, for the supply of water and mineral salts.
Leave plenty of room for oilseeds for fatty acids
Feel free to take evening primrose and borage capsules to moisturize your skin and hair from the inside!


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